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We stock most of the fresh produce required for successful African cuisine including the basics below.  We receive a weekly fresh supply, so if you would like to order in advance you will be sure to receive your order.

The short list below is only representative, and we always stock basic products such as Palm oil, rice etc.

Avocado (persea Americana)
  • Beans or Cowpeas Black-eye beans or Brown beans have become indispensable in Nigeria cuisine because of their versatility.  They require overnight soaking before use for dishes like Akara Moin-mom and Gbegiri soup.
  • Bitterleaf A leafy green vegetable that is widely used in soups like Egusi.
  • Chilli Peppers Chilli peppers are the fruit of Capsicum Frutescens plant with red orange or yellow pods which are very hot tasting and rich in Vitamin A & C and are widely used in Nigerian cooking.
  • Breadfruit These are large green fruits which hang like lanterns from trees. Only edible when cooked, they taste like boiled potatoes. They may also be fried as crisps
  • Cocoyam Cocoyams are similar to large potatoes usually with a fibrous skin.  In Nigeria the plant is grown for both its tubers and leaves. The young and tender leaves are used in preparing Ekpang Nkukwo (cocoa-yam pottage>/li
  • Elubo Dried powdered yam flour for making amala (cooked yam flour pudding).
  • Fufu Fermented cassava dough usually served cooked to accompany soups
  • Pawpaw (Carica papaya) This is a fruit of a woody herbaceous plant that looks like a tree.  It is eaten ripe (yellow or orange in color) in fruit salads or stuffed for starters and as a main course.
  • Yam (Dioscorea sp) The plant grows as a vine to height of six to eight feet.  The edible tubers comes in various shapes and sizes; usually dark brown in color and hairy to the touch.  The flesh is white or yellow and when cooked it has a pleasant flavor rather like potato
  • IGBO (garden egg leaves) solanum manocarpum. The young leaves of the garden egg plant.  African Aubergines can be eaten raw in salads or cooked in stews.
  • Soko (celosia argentea) This green leaf vegetable is much preferred in the making of Efo-riro. It taste like spinach.

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    Licenced to sell Wine, Beer & Spirits: all at everyday low prices!

    We stock all the grocery products you need fot day to day living at prices equivalent or cheaper than the major supermarkets.  All fruit and vegetables including, carrots, brocolli etc and fruit including apples, oranges and bananas.

    Our shelves carry a variety of tinned produce and common condiments and sauces.

    FRESH MEAT AND FISHNigerian Food

    Apart from local fish and meat we import on a weekly basis fresh fish and meat from Nigeria.  Please order your requirements in advance as we will then make sure the produce you require is ordered for you.


    We offer Bulk discount prices as well as free local delivery on orders over 60.00.


    We are able to take orders over the phone and are UK authorised by our bank to take payments.  Please telephone your order which can be made ready for you and delivered if required.

    Because of the fluctuations in prices on some commodities we will be able to state accurate prices over the phone, before you make your purchase.

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